Community Recovery Services team visit Lowood State School

Royal Far West’s Community Recovery Services team visit Lowood State School

Three members of Royal Far West’s Community Recovery Services team visited Lowood State School between April 22-26, delivering a range of supports:

Support for Children:

  • 1 Stormbirds group for Year 5-6 students at the school. Our Stormbirds small group sessions continue to make a significant impact, supporting students who have experienced grief, change, loss, and natural disasters. The program focuses on helping students understand that change is part of life, encourages them to express and manage their feelings, and strengthens their support networks.
  • 1 Stormbirds Reconnector sessions with children from year 5-6 who participated in the Stormbirds group during last year’s visit. It was a valuable opportunity for participants to reflect on their learnings, identify changes in their lives, share coping strategies, and reconnect as a group. The children were particularly excited to engage in creating mind bottles and practice relaxation techniques.

Support for Educators:

  • A professional learning workshop for school staff, focusing on strategies supporting children’s regulation in the classroom. The session provided insights and tools teachers can use to enhance student engagement and success.
  • Our Occupational Therapist also had the privilege of closely collaborating with school staff to explore- whole-class support strategies and share resources to build on the amazing work already being done by teachers to enhance student learning and engagement.

Support for Parents:

  • Parent support included a welcome session for parents familiarising them with our support services and several individual meetings in collaboration with the school to enhance support for specific families within the community.

Team photo: Team members pictured in the photo (left to right): Rachel Barton (Clinical Psychologist), Cecilia Law (Clinical Psychologist) – Not pictured but also in attendance Liz Denley (Occupational Therapist)

Mind Bottles Activity

Our Children’s Group Room with Bear Cards and Activities

Educator Professional Learning with Liz our OT

Royal Far West Community Recovery Services

Our work at Lowood State School is part of Royal Far West’s Community Recovery program, funded by Australian Government.