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The power of partnerships.

Charities are a powerful partner.

Over three-quarters of Australian consumers believe that corporates should partner with charities to help solve social issues and over one-third have actively boycotted a company or brand due to its poor social responsibility.

By aligning your business with a trusted charity, you can:

  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Attract, retain and engage new and existing customers and employees
  • Enhance your reputation and brand image
  • Strengthen networks and community connection

We collaborate with our partners on exciting initiatives that create lasting community impact, while delivering on corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives and amplifying community engagement strategies.

Together, we have the power to make a lasting impact on the lives of country kids.

Charmaine’s Story

Charmaine shares her experience of bringing her child to Royal Far West for assessment and vital support.

In this video, you’ll hear the challenges faced by rural families and the transformative impact of accessing essential developmental services. Discover how Royal Far West is bridging gaps and bringing hope to families in need.


Help improve access and outcomes for country kids

For almost a century, our mission has been to improve the health and wellbeing of children living in rural, regional and remote communities.

A key priority in our 2021-2025 strategic plan, is to give voice to the needs of country children, advocating for equitable access to services and health outcomes.
Our key areas of focus are:

  • Developmental and behavioural health
  • The growing complexity of mental health
  • Natural disaster resilience and recovery
  • Allied health workforce shortages


Corporate partnerships mean more than just funding. Our partners are dedicated to helping us make a real change in the lives of children living in regional Australia. By donating their time and expertise alongside financial support, our strategic direction is guided by those who understand what’s needed most – providing improved access and better health outcomes for country kids.

Partner success stories


With funding from Glencore Coal Assets Australia, we are able to support early childhood development initiatives in Central Queensland.

This extended three-year partnership aims to ensure children and families in the Collinsville, Clermont and Springsure areas can more easily access developmental health services that are often difficult to access in remote and rural communities.

Our multidisciplinary team provides developmental screening, assessments and therapy sessions for children and support for parents and educators.


By donating technology, HP has helped to connect children in rural and remote areas to the care they need. Hundreds of children across 40 schools in bushfire-affected regions were gifted HP tech packs valued at over $400K following the summer 2019/20 fires, and technology provided by HP allowed us to pivot our services to Telecare to continue to support country kids and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HP has also donated over $30,000 via the HP Foundation to support children in our life-changing Paediatric Developmental Program.


Engagement activities help to raise awareness of our mission among Adobe’s employees and wider network.

The Adobe team welcomed us into their office to create ‘Fuzzies’, an invaluable tool utilised by our occupational therapists in online therapy sessions, all while engaging in a team-bonding activity.

Adobe also supports childhood development by donating to our Paediatric Developmental Program via the Adobe Employee Community Fund.

Partnerships in action

Royal Far West has proudly partnered with Findex Community Fund since 2018.

The Findex team engage with us in a variety of ways, with employees donating via our Workplace Giving Program and joining us for activities at our Centre for Country Kids.

Find out more about why the Findex team recommend corporate partnerships with Royal Far West.

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Other ways to get involved


Corporate engagement events

Demonstrate your corporate social responsibility and provide a fun and unique team building activity for your staff.

Workplace Giving

Choose to donate to Royal Far West through automated deductions from your pre-tax pay.

Cause-related marketing

Cause related marketing is an easy yet powerful way to raise funds for Royal Far West, while amplifying your organisation’s brand awareness.

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