Gifts in celebration

Pay it forward and ask for donations in lieu of gifts!

Asking friends and family to donate in celebration of a wedding, birthday, anniversary or a festive occasion is a wonderful way to add meaning to your special day and help country kids.

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children who live in rural and remote communities. By choosing to donate to Royal Far West in lieu of gifts, your special occasion will make a lasting impact on the lives of country kids throughout Australia.

Donating in lieu of gifts is simple: fill out the form below to let us know how you’d like to fundraise and we’ll be in contact with all the details you’ll need to succeed. Plus, we’ve got a range of resources like donation boxes and collection envelopes to help make fundraising at your event a breeze.

You can choose to fundraise at any special celebration





Already decided on how, when, and where you’ll be fundraising for Royal Far West? Download our Authority to Fundraise form and send it to us at fundraising@royalfarwest.org.au before you commence your event.

We’ve got a range of handy resources to help you – from social tiles to collection envelopes and donation boxes – so it’s easy to fundraise as you celebrate. Contact us at fundraising@royalfarwest.org.au today to find out more.

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To find out more about fundraising in lieu of gifts at your upcoming celebration, please complete the form.

We’ll be in touch with an authority to fundraise form and all the information you’ll need to help make your event a resounding success! Alternatively, you can chat to us on 1800 961 001 if you prefer to register or fundraise offline.

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I'm so pleased I chose to ask my friends and family to donate to Royal Far West in lieu of gifts for my 40th birthday. I grew up in the country, so I know how tough some of these kids have it. It was so rewarding to help support them with my celebration.

Northern Beaches, NSW