Information for families

Children and their families are the reason we exist. Before the assessment week, we will work with you, your family, your doctor, and your child’s teacher to gather the best information about your child. We want you to feel supported during your time with us and confident to continue after our work is done.

The Child and Family Services are available to families who meet our specific eligibility criteria. 

Children and their families travel to Royal Far West in Manly for a week-long stay.

During the assessment process, you may meet with therapists from the following areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child: 

  • Neurodevelopmental paediatrics 
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry 
  • Speech pathology 
  • Psychology 
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Social work 
  • Special educators 
  • Dietetics 
  • Orthoptic and ophthalmology 

Most of our programs require a referral, so please discuss care options with your local Doctor. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Programs page. If you would like to discuss eligibility for our services or you have some questions about your upcoming trip to Manly, please contact us.

Accessing Connect

If you are already a Royal Far West client, you can access all of your documents, reports and appointments via our Connect page.