Schools & Early Years Services

Behavioural, developmental and mental health services delivered in partnership with schools and preschools in their local area.

We deliver allied health services via telehealth and outreach into over 260 schools and early learning environments across rural and remote NSW, Qld, Vic and WA.

By working in the heart of rural communities, we direct our help where it is most needed. We build relationships with schools, early childhood centres, parents and carers.  We work with country children to support their health and wellbeing and unlock their lifelong learning potential.

Our team of almost 150 experienced clinicians work with educators, parents and caregivers to share our knowledge and expertise right across the wellbeing spectrum.

Our work together

Early intervention is critical for any child that is struggling and at risk of falling behind.

Our multidisciplinary team of psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists use a regulation-first, trauma-informed approach to support children with a range of behavioural, developmental and mental health concerns.

Delivered primarily in schools and preschools through a flexible model for agreed hours.  We also work directly with teachers and early educators to build each school’s capacity to better respond to children with developmental challenges.

Our services in action

We’ve been supporting country kids via telehealth for over 10 years.

Find out more about how Royal Far West helped support Keaton with his speech and language development via telehealth.

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[This service] gives students, who otherwise would not have access to professional services, the opportunity to engage in learning with qualified professionals without having to leave their school. The speech therapists and OTs I have worked with have been wonderful - engaging and professional, offering excellent support and feedback. It’s a brilliant program for our students in a regional area.

Teacher Aide
Regional NSW

Recent In-Community Visits

In 2021, 96% of school/preschools staff agreed RFW’s service had improved the child/student’s functioning/engagement with learning.

Our 2021 Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 89 indicates “exceptional” performance and is well above a hospital and healthcare benchmark NPS score of 75.

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