Whistleblower Policy Statement

Royal Far West (RFW) is committed to a culture that promotes positivity and openness, in an environment that recognises the importance of corporate accountability. 

In line with our core values of:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Energy

we seek to promote a high standard of ethical behaviour among staff, the executive, board members and also, in our interactions with external parties.

Under recent changes to the Corporations Act (“the Act”), certain protections are available to those who may wish to identify a wrongdoing or something of serious concern at RFW.  This is the case where a person (the whistleblower) reasonably believes that a matter fits the description of a “matter of serious concern” (as defined in the policy).

The RFW Whistleblower Policy allows individuals to report such concerns safely, securely and with the confidence that if they speak up, they will be protected and supported.

If you have questions at any time, please refer to the RFW Whistleblower Policy.

If your question is not covered there, please feel free to call a Whistleblower Recipient:

  1. Human Resources Manager
  2. Executive Director, Finance and Corporate Services
  3. Executive Manager, Transformation and Systems Integration
  4. CEO
  5. Board Director
  6. Your Call, who can speak to us confidentially, on your behalf. You can also call them on 1300 790 228