Schools & Early Years Team Visits Central Western Schools

Royal Far West’s Schools & Early Years Team Visits Central Western Schools

Thanks to the support of The Manildra Foundation, Royal Far West’s (RFW) Schools Services team members have been on the road recently, visiting Manildra Public School, Trundle Central School, and Middleton Public School. This visit, which took place in mid-May, provided a range of otherwise hard-to-access supports for students and staff.

Manildra Public School

As this was the team’s first visit to Manildra Public School, it was a great opportunity to understand school and community context, and how RFW services could be used going forward. After a tour of the school and meetings with the principal and wellbeing coordinator, Hayden Ross (Educational Psychologist) and Rebecca Hogan (Speech Pathologist) led a workshop on feelings and friendships for students in Years 4, 5, and 6. In the afternoon, they met face-to-face with students who have been receiving ongoing support via telecare.

Trundle Central School

This trip represented the third time RFW has visited with Trundle Central School since early 2023. Hayden and Rebecca provided invaluable support through classroom observations, two cognitive assessments, one-on-one speech therapy sessions, and consultations with the K-2 classroom teacher and wellbeing coordinator.

Middleton Public School

Similarly, Middleton Public School also welcomed RFW for the third time. The visit included a workshop on anxiety and high school transitions for Year 5/6 students conducted by Hayden. Additionally, he held therapy sessions with ongoing telecare students. Rebecca carried out a language assessment, multiple classroom observations, and met with a parent to discuss results and strategies. She also consulted with the assistant principal on school-wide issues.

Building Ongoing Relationships

The visits to Trundle and Middleton schools reinforced relationships established through a now finalised government funding block, highlighting our commitment to providing continuous support to these communities. Outreach visits build crucial awareness of our allied health work in school settings, and connect us more closely with the communities and children we’re working with. We are grateful for the generous support of The Manildra Foundation enabling this work.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every child, regardless of their geographical location, has access to the vital services they need to support their early development and enrich their lives.


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