Royal Far West’s Ongoing Partnership with Rainbow P-12 College in Victoria

Royal Far West's Collaboration with Rainbow P-12 College: Strengthening Educational Support

Royal Far West (RFW) commenced working with Rainbow P-12 College last year as part of the Commonwealth-funded Emerging Priorities Pilot. Under this pilot, RFW introduced a flexible approach to allied health service delivery within an educational setting, tailored specifically to the school community’s needs. Services, including therapy, assessments, educator capacity building, and parent workshops foster holistic student development for primary school students.

This year, Rainbow P-12 College elected to continue the collaboration with RFW, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to innovative student support. Despite necessary rescheduling of our first in-community visit for the year due to extreme fire danger, both the school and RFW adapted well, showcasing resilience and dedication to the partnership.

The intensive in-community week included:

  • Engaging discussions and activity demonstrations during parent/teacher interviews.
  • Strengthening relationships and rapport with students receiving teletherapy support.
  • Conducting face-to-face therapy sessions, screenings, assessments, and observations.
  • Presentations for new Education Support (ES) staff.
  • Consulting with parents and offering tailored support services.
  • Exploring potential service expansion to other local schools.
  • Demonstrating crucial regulation activities for student well-being.
  • Facilitating connections with external support services for families with high needs.


This collaborative effort underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in enhancing educational experiences and supporting student well-being. As RFW and Rainbow P-12 College continue their collaboration, they remain committed to providing effective and comprehensive support to students and families.