An Urgent Message

from our CEO

Just a few months ago, thousands of families in regional Australia had their lives turned upside down by devastating bushfires that burned through more than 10 million hectares.

320 of our existing client families were directly impacted by these catastrophic fires.

In the immediate aftermath of the fires, our team expressed a passionate desire for us to utilise our experience and expertise to respond to the devastating crisis so many regional communities were facing.

The calls were heart-wrenching

We spoke to families who had lost their homes or businesses. Sadly, some had lost family members. They shared harrowing tales of multiple evacuations and apocalyptic-like scenes during the height of the fires.

With each evacuation, their children became more frightened and more anxious – some even began to self-harm. Parents relayed how their children were experiencing difficulties with eating and sleeping, and increased incidences of bed-wetting.

Will you please consider making a generous gift today to ensure children affected by the devastating summer bushfires can receive specialised health services and support when they need it most?

An urgent message from our CEO

We asked families what their immediate needs were and provided whatever support we could.

Research from other major bushfire events indicates the psychological and emotional needs of children affected by traumatic events start to emerge around six months post-trauma, not earlier as you may expect.

For our client families, this means their needs will start to surface in the coming weeks and months. The team is anticipating a sharp rise in demand for our social work, psychology and occupational therapy services.

As a result, the team estimates we will need an additional $50,000 to provide the extra care and vital support these families will need over the next 12 months

I hope you will consider making a donation to help provide vital services for these families at this unprecedented time.

It is crucial to ensure children have easy, increased and regular access to services such as psychology, social work and occupational therapy in the coming months. We cannot let them suffer lasting effects from traumatic experiences throughout their childhood and into their adult lives.

With the right help, our country kids will be able to overcome these exceptional challenges and will be able to reach their full potential.

Your help is needed now more than ever.

Kind regards,

Lindsay Cane AM GAICD

CEO, Royal Far West


With your help, we can provide children and their families with expertise, understanding and compassion, and deliver the care and support they need.


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