“For years I have been calling out for help, but no-one could provide the help I needed. Royal Far West has been an absolute blessing.”

Life for the Taunton family of Worrigee is always busy. Jody Taunton is a single mother of five children, two of whom have special needs. Her youngest daughter, Jordan, has cerebral palsy and her son Harrison has a range of behavioural difficulties.

Harrison was referred to Royal Far West where he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, ADD, ADHD and a mild form of Tourettes Syndrome. Now that he is receiving treatment, Jody has noticed that his behaviour is starting to improve and she is relieved to have support.

‘For years I have been calling out for help, but no-one could provide the help I needed,’ she said. ‘Royal Far West has been an absolute blessing.’

Jody is primary carer for the family and works two jobs. She admits that this, combined with the special needs of her family, makes it a challenge for her to give each child the one-on-one time they deserve. Being able to access the support and services that Harrison requires in one location has made an enormous difference, especially when she has so many other concurrent demands on her time.

The Tauntons are a close family and Jody continues to be amazed and inspired by her children. Harrison, in particular, surprised them all recently when, despite his ongoing issues, taught himself to play the piano beautifully, all by ear!

‘There is always something good that comes out of something that seems bad,’ says Jody. ‘They’re all good kids and I’m so proud of them’.

In addition to accessing Royal Far West health services, the Taunton family also participated in our respite program which provided them with the first opportunity to holiday together in years.