Australian Country Kids

Need Your Help


Tahla & Charlie

Outback life is amazing, but easy access to health care is NOT one of the benefits! It took over a year – and thousands of kilometers driving Charlie to far away doctors – for him to be diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder and sever autism.

It was clear that Charlie needed intensive therapy, but it was a four-hour drive to the nearest services. Wait lists were up to a year-long! I was giving Charlie my all – but I just couldn’t help him. I began to lose hope. It was a very sad time as we knew we couldn’t survive much longer as a family.

I don’t know where we would be today without the help of the Royal Far West. I have no idea a service like this could exist. 

Royal Far West has a wonderful residential facility on Manly Beach in Sydney, where all Charlie’s therapy needs are taken care of under the one roof and coordinated to make it as fun and stress-free as possible for him. Then amazing therapists there are all about dealing with the special challenges of raising a child like Charlie in the outback. When we go home, we still feel so supported.

Today life is much different. We understand how Charlie communicates – so he can let us know what he needs. Plus he joins in and plays with the other kids – something I never imagines possible!

I am more than grateful. And because of all we have been through, and how alone we felt, I worry about the thousands of country families out there who are struggling right now like we were, who don’t know about Royal Far West.

That”s why I am sharing Charlie’s story with you today. I know that Royal Far West needs help to grow it’s services and reach more rural kids with special needs and health issues.

Royal Far West is not only helping Charlie to reach his potential – but they also saved our family – and I would be devastated for any other child like Charlie to miss out on this due to the lack of funds.

Your, with the best wishes from our cattle station, outback NSW.

Tahla, Edward, Cooper and Charlie. xx

PS. I still can’t believe that Charlie was able to start school this year! Every morning when he cuddles me goodbye, I am reminded of how far he has come in a brief time. It hurts too much to imagine where Charlie would be today if it weren’t for Royal Far West.

Anyway, gotta go and meet the boys off the school bus now.

Thank you for reading my letter! xx