Secrets for Corporate Fundraising Success

Ever wondered how some corporate fundraising teams and activities succeed while others start with high hopes and big ambitions, but fall by the wayside?

We’ve reviewed some of the most successful corporate fundraising activities that organisations have conducted on our behalf, and come up with some top tips on engaging customers and staff with fun fundraising initiatives to build engagement, break down barriers, and satisfy heads and hearts all round.


Our top seven secrets

Secret 1: Have a champion in your organisation. There is nothing more powerful than a passionate employee! They can act as the main driver and their enthusiasm will impact the team. If you can get someone in leadership – even better!

Secret 2: Visual image: Working towards something is always a great way to engage people. If you’re able to have a visual image that shows how you are tracking around the office or your reception area, it’ll stay top of mind.

Secret 3: Have an official launch. This will be a fun and engaging way to unveil the campaign and highlight the social issue/s that you are supporting (we can send through some information or even pop in for a chat to highlight the benefits of supporting such a cause).

Secret 4: Utilise your socials and external facing communications. Show the world that you are doing something great! Here at Royal Far West we can supply our fundraisers with e-signatures, logos, social tiles and more.

Secret 5: Involve your clients/suppliers. Show them that they are part of your organisation’s family. In your day-to-day workings, let them know what you’re up to and how they can participate. Friendly competition between suppliers never hurts either.

Secret 6: Employer matching. If employees/customers know that their donation will be making double the impact they are much more likely to donate. This will also motivate people to participate and has a positive impact on – company culture.

Secret 7: Celebrate together. Once a campaign is over, there is nothing like celebrating your successes together to further boost morale. Perhaps even have some awards so that the biggest contributors are recognised (and will likely participate again).

For any questions on how to further maximise your Corporate Fundraising activities please email corporate@royalfarwest.org.au