Scholarships give kids a chance to shine

Country kids are twice as likely than city kids to develop developmental challenges such as speech delays, learning difficulties and mental illness. If left untreated, this can lead to lifelong issues. Many country children and families are being needlessly left behind because it is much harder for them to access vital health services. Our Telecare Scholarship Program, supported by generous funding partners, is one way we bridge that gap. The heart-warming story of young Harry* demonstrates the power and impact of our Scholarship Program.

Harry accessed speech therapy through our Scholarship Program from 2019-2020. Recently his mum shared an update on his progress and his impressive NAPLAN results, which definitely demonstrate the value of the Scholarships Program and the profound short and long-term impacts that Telecare can have!

Mum says, “Harry is excelling at school and we just got back his NAPLAN results for Year 3 . . . Harry’s school’s average was band 3-4, the national average was band 4-5 and Harry is in all areas band 5-6. Absolutely amazing results. So proud.

“You know my heart still reflects that the best program we ever had for Harry was the Scholarship through Royal Far West . . . this is all your hard work of setting Harry up to be successful and thriving. We will be forever grateful.”


*This story has been de-identified to protect the privacy of the family