Royal Far West is pleased to announce the NSW Government has renewed its commitment to providing funding for Royal Far West Development Services in 2016/17.

Royal Far West is proud to work in partnership with NSW Health to deliver critical early intervention services to support the health, development and wellbeing of country kids and families who are otherwise unable to access the services they need. This funding particularly supports the Paediatric Developmental Program (PDP) which provides services to kids with the most complex needs.

Royal Far West CEO Lindsay Cane has welcomed the Government’s commitment as recognition of the critical role the organisation plays in improving the lives of rural children.

“We know that children who start school developmentally delayed in either their health or their learning, find it very difficult to catch up to their peers. They are likely to have poorer health and education outcomes over the course of their life, are more likely to enter the juvenile justice system, and are at risk of social, emotional, behavioural and mental health issues.

“This is not just an issue that will affect the lives of individual children. It is an issue for our community as a whole. And yet, too often it goes unrecognised. NSW Health should be commended for its continued investment in vital health and developmental services that help to reduce the inequities for country kids and can change the life trajectory of many children.”

Royal Far West is a critical NGO service provider to rural and remote communities and works closely with the State to support key health priorities such as the NSW State Health Plan Directions: Keeping People Healthy, Providing World-Class Clinical Care, and Delivering Truly Integrated Care.

“Royal Far West has shown that it is highly responsive and uniquely able to meet the changing health and development needs of country kids and shares the Government’s focus on contributing to the sustainability of rural communities.”

Royal Far West contributes approximately $2 fundraising for every $1 of Government funding, making it a valuable and cost-effective asset to the State and to the rural communities of NSW. Over its 91 years, Royal Far West has supported the health and development of millions of children from rural and remote NSW and continues to do so strongly today.