Many children in regional and rural communities have treatable mental health problems……few receive treatment.

The majority of mental health expenditure is targeted at adults, but most problems begin in childhood. Conduct problems (CP) are the most frequent cause of referral to child/adolescent mental health services and the most reliable precursor of all adult mental health issues.

RFW is working to implement and evaluate Australia’s first telehealth treatment for children with conduct problems.

This innovative research project is examining a new intervention for children with behavioural and emotional difficulties. The intervention will involve collaborative work with parent/s and a clinical psychologist with the goal of developing skills and knowledge on how to reduce problem behaviours, such as arguing and not following instructions, and increase desired behaviours such as playing nicely and self regulation.

Supported by a National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) Partnership Project Grant, Royal Far West has partnered with Professor Mark Dadds and his team over 5 years to develop, implement and evaluate a therapist-assisted online health intervention for children (aged 3-9) with conduct problems in regional and rural areas.

This research aims to build the evidence based around e-health interventions for conduct problems and deliver a tangible improvement in outcomes for children with conduct problems in rural and remote communities.

Read the Access Early Intervention: Research Summary