The Windmill

The Windmill Program is an early intervention therapy service aimed at reaching functional goals for children with mild to moderate disabilities.

  • Children aged 2-7 years who are eligible for BetterStart and Helping Children with Autism
  • Children who are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The program is run on site at our campus in Manly. You and your family can stay at Drummond House, our beachside accommodation, for up to a week. During that time you have access to services including speech pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, special education and social work. A specialised program is tailored to meet the needs of individual children and families.

There is an option to access the Royal Far West School, oral health centre and family recreation program, and you can attend our parent support workshops.

We also offer therapy and support via Telecare, either separate to or in combination with a visit to Manly.

Camps School
Come together to feel better

Our health and wellbeing camps are designed to educate and give confidence to children and their parents, all within a fun and inclusive environment while staying at Royal Far West.

Some camps also provide clinical intervention and they’re available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. Children and families participating in the Windmill and Paediatric Development Programs can also take part while they’re visiting Royal Far West.

Free for families, these camps are funded through corporate donations, philanthropic grants or fundraising appeals.

We started with camps for country kids

When our co-founder Rev Stanley Drummond came up with the idea of bringing children from the harsh outback of New South Wales to Manly to experience the sea, he believed it would be beneficial for children to briefly escape the sustained heat, dust storms and drought of rural life.

​​Over 90 years later and camps continue to be a vital part of Royal Far West’s strategy for improving the health and wellbeing of children and their families. We provide a range of therapeutic, well being and leadership camps for specific groups of children who are dealing with similar issues.

Recent camps include:
  • Living with Autism Camps.
  • Intellectual Disability/Transition to School Camps.
  • Type 1 Diabetes Camps.
  • Indigenous Leaders Camps.
What happens at camp?
  • Each camp is specifically designed for families living in rural, regional and remote parts of New South Wales.
  • Our camps often focus on specific age groups or life milestones, such as transitioning to primary or high school.
  • A typical program includes a mixture of parent information and support sessions, skills building, education sessions for children, and support sessions for siblings.
  • An activities recreation program is included for families so that they can enjoy the experience together and actively support each other in trying new physical and social challenges.
  • Our Camps Program is dependent on sponsorship funding. We try to plan our camps with at least one to two months’ notice.​
  • Camps often run for several days, during which time families, including siblings of children who attend Royal Far West, can enjoy recreational activities as a family.


Royal Far West School

With a school on-site in Manly, we can undertake integrated clinical and learning assessments and planning. We can also provide continued schooling for kids who are accessing our Manly-based programs, as well as their siblings.

Short-term programs are delivered to four multi-grade classes from Preschool to Year 12 students, including a class specifically for kids with disabilities. These small groups provide a safe, secure and happy environment where students can excel, and the children love them.

Through the School, Royal Far West also offers two literacy-based programs via telecare:

SWAY (Sounds, Words, Aboriginal Language and Yarning)

An oral language and early literacy program developed specifically for Aboriginal children.

An innovative technology-based outreach-learning program supporting students in rural New South Wales.

For more information, please visit the RFW School website.

Directions & Transport

To find out more about accessing the Windmill Program, email Fiona Phipps, Windmill Program Manager or phone (02) 8966 8539.