Telecare for Kids Program

Telecare for Kids Program

Our nationally recognised Telecare for Kids program connects children across regional and remote Australia to allied health services via video-link, without needing to leave their local community.

Telecare for Kids offers Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Psychology services to preschools, primary schools and/ or into the home. Telecare services include screening, assessment and therapy sessions. We also offer support and training to teachers/ parents/carers.

The Telecare program has been operational since 2014 providing highly engaging services delivered in the context of the child’s everyday life, as well as supporting the adults involved with the child. It helps to provide regular treatment, and it also builds the capacity of teachers/parents/carers to learn more strategies and skills. The Telecare program offers a service, tailored to each child’s needs using innovative tools and evidence informed practices to provide person centred, high quality therapy supports.

The following set-up is required for Telecare:

  • A private and safe space for Telecare sessions
  • An adult (e.g. staff member, parent or teacher) to supervise and support the sessions when required.
  • A computer, laptop or tablet/iPad with a camera, microphone, speaker and a good internet connection.

Detailed information on requirements can be found in our Telecare Set-up handout.

Telecare for Kids is a fee for service program that can be funded by schools, Primary Health Networks or Local Health Districts. If your child is an NDIS participant, please visit our Windmill page.


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Telecare for Kids is offered in three disciplines dependent on the needs of the child

We also offer Professional Development for  early childhood and primary school educators.  

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists provide assessment and therapy for a wide range of communication difficulties, including speech, social skills, stuttering, literacy and language. Telecare speech pathology services are customised to the needs of the individual child and designed to be highly engaging.

We offer the following via Telecare for Kids:

  • Comprehensive speech & language assessment
  • Individual speech therapy
  • Group speech therapy

Find out more about Telecare Speech Pathology

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) provide assessment and therapy to support children in learning age appropriate skills. This ensures that they can participate at their fullest potential in all their day to day activities.

OTs can identify any sensory or regulation challenges that may impact a child’s behaviour, as well as their ability to focus and engage in tasks. OTs are also able to recognise the underlying skills that a child must master in order to perform tasks involving fine and gross motor skills e.g. classroom handwriting or riding a bicycle.

We offer the following via Telecare:

  • Regulation and sensory assessments
  • Individual therapy

Find out more about Telecare Occupational Therapy

Clinical Psychology

Psychologists provide assessment and therapy to support concerns such as anxiety, social difficulties, low self-esteem, behavioural challenges, learning & attention difficulties, and support following stressful life events.

We offer the following via Telecare:

  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive assessment

Find out more about Telecare Clinical Psychology

Professional Development

Our Capacity Building program assists schools to support children within the classroom. We offer accredited professional development services that can complement a child’s learning goals or a school’s strategic plan. The courses are typically delivered via video-link across Speech, OT and Psychology teams.

The program involves a mixture of online webinars, resources and live feedback sessions with senior allied health clinicians. It is designed to empower teachers, school support staff, early educators, parents and/or volunteers to better support preschool or school-aged children experiencing difficulties with speech and language, sensory and motor development, anxiety and emotional wellbeing. It can also support the leadership team to evaluate and progress a school’s inclusive practices.

We offer:

Workshops for early childhood Find out more

Workshops for schools Find out more

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