Telecare for kids

Our globally recognised Telecare for Kids programs give children across regional and remote Australia access to affordable and specialised paediatric health and development treatments.

Working in partnership with preschools, primary schools, parents and local clinicians, our Telecare for Kids programs offer assessment, therapy and capacity building covering speech, occupational therapy, and psychology disciplines. These programs are evidence-informed, delivered by specialist paediatric allied health staff, and have demonstrated ability to help children achieve their goals. All that’s required is a good internet connection and a computer with a camera, microphone and speakers.

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Our current Telecare for Kids programs:
  • Connect for Kids is a psychology program for children with mild to moderate symptoms. This is available only to children living in Murrumbidgee and Southern areas of NSW. It is funded by the Primary Health Network and requires a referral from your GP. To apply, please fill in the Connect for Kids Referral Form and email to

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  • Royal Far West Telecare for Kids (including Speech, Occupational Therapy or Psychology) is a fee for service program that can be funded by schools, Primary Health Networks, Local Health District or families. To apply, please fill in the Telecare Consent Form and email to
  • Telecare is also available to our Windmill families. The Windmill Program is a therapy intervention service. The program has been created specifically for children aged from 2-12 who have Autism, Intellectual Disability, Developmental Delay or Global Developmental Delay and have an NDIS plan. Children who take part in the Windmill Program will gain the option to receive support from our team of specialists via Windmill Telecare, to help them achieve their goals. Visit our Windmill Program page for more information.


Group Therapy

A group of up to four children with similar needs are supported to develop their expressive language, vocabulary and phonological awareness via our video link. Lessons directly correlate with classroom curriculum for each term.

Ongoing mentoring and support for the Therapy Aide for the duration of the program is provided, allowing the Speech Pathologist to progressively hand over lead responsibility to the Therapy Aides as their competency increases.

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Grab It! Kids

Grab It! Kids provides occupational therapy intervention for children in Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 to aid fine motor skill development to meet functional development goals.

The program targets hand strength, bilateral coordination, pincer and tripod grasp, fine motor manipulation, visual motor integration and tool use.

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Sensory Assessments

The Sensory Assessment program aims to provide parents and teachers an understanding about why their child/student reacts as they do in certain situations.

The program provides strategies that may help better regulate the child and improve their behaviour, attention and general functioning across multiple environments.

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Cool Kids

Cool Kids is a structured, skills-based program delivered by specialised Clinical Psychologists using technology with the aim of teaching children aged 8-12 and their parents how to better manage child anxiety.

Up to 10 therapy sessions will be provided into the child’s home or school.

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Cool Little Kids

The Cool Little Kids program is an early intervention program delivered by specialised Clinical Psychologists using technology. It targets parents of 3 to 6 year old children at high risk of developing anxiety problems in the future.

Up to 6 therapy sessions will be provided into the family home and strategies are developed in consultation with parents.

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Open Psychology Clinic

The Open Psychology Clinic is a technology-assisted support program for children and families delivered into schools, homes and/or health facilities in rural and remote communities.

Clinical Psychologists will work with children aged 12 and under (and their parents) who are presenting with mild to moderate mental health, behavioural or social difficulties using evidence-based therapies.

Up to 12 sessions will be provided and will be dependent upon a child’s presenting difficulties and level of severity.

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Capacity building

The Capacity Building Program provides Professional Development Courses to upskill educational staff, parents and volunteers. The program utilises a mixture of online tutorials, resources and live video feedback sessions with senior Royal Far West clinicians. The courses are designed to empower teachers, school support staff, parents and/or volunteers to better support children experiencing difficulties with speech and language, sensory and motor development, anxiety and emotional wellbeing.

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