Tori from our Community, Corporate and Philanthropic Team

Meet the team: Tori

Hi, my name is Tori. I’m Account Manager in our Community, Corporate and Philanthropic Team. I manage relationships with our wonderful partners and supporters.

I have been privileged to learn so much about the assistance we provide to rural and remote kids since I started here in November. Coming from a farming family in Western Australia, I have some understanding of the difficulties of children accessing care in country regions, and seeing proof of the rising rates of childhood anxiety from natural disasters, like the drought and inevitably the bushfires.  This strongly reinforces the importance of what we do for country kids and their families.

Why I joined the team

I was lucky to hear our CEO Lindsay Cane AM speak about some recent research findings before I started working here.    

In 2017, Royal Far West commissioned the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) to review the state of children’s developmental health across rural and remote Australia, calling the report “The Invisible Children”. This included information on the complexities and challenges facing country kids and families, the gaps in the services available to them, and the growing disparity of outcomes between kids in urban areas compared to those in rural and remote communities.

That report and the follow-up report, ‘Stories of Invisible Children’  highlighted some truths I could relate to, because not having health services available in our area definitely impacted my cousin, who was one of those who slipped through the cracks. She was very behind in the classroom and had low self-confidence, and it wasn’t until she was 11 years old that a teacher noticed she couldn’t see the board properly.

The closest referral was a four hour drive away, and once there my cousin’s vision issue was formally identified. Now midway through high school, my cousin’s work has definitely improved, however they expect she will need tutoring throughout her high school life, and unfortunately she still has quite low self-confidence. My Auntie is now so passionate about early intervention that she’s become a teacher’s aide, monitoring the kids who are struggling and often misbehaving, because she knows there is generally a reason for this behaviour.

My passion

Even though I’m now living in Sydney, I’m still a country person at heart. My upbringing was enriched by the local communities, ones I still love going home to. The values, kinship and resilience of these regions is inspiring. Having a job where I can help support growth and positive trajectory to regional and remote communities is something I am passionate about.

What I do

I liaise with people in the Corporate Sector who are partnering with us to help country communities in meaningful ways. Their generosity directly helps our kids, while their involvement with our families increases their workforce satisfaction.

There are often hurdles in front of us in delivering our services, and the invaluable help we receive from Corporates gives us a ‘leg up’ in reaching more kids and more families, ultimately supporting more communities.

Contact me

If you’d like to learn more about what we do in the Community, Corporate & Philanthropy team, I’m always happy to talk with you!

Email me or call 02 8966 8500.

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