Meet the team: Thomas

Hi there. My name is Thomas, and my role at Royal Far West is to create the best possible day-to-day user experiences with our Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services.

Why is this important?

A well-working ICT environment enables our workforce to perform at their peak, which in turn helps us to look after our clients in the best possible manner. A quality ICT service improves efficiency, ensuring that many more kids who live in rural and remote areas of Australia who need support can access our services.

I am a newbie to Royal Far West and I’m looking forward to learning more about the work we do for kids in need. It is great how helpful and friendly everyone is, and that is really helping me to settle right in. Through my chats with my fellow staff members there’s a strong recognition that we all work for a great cause and are on a mission to make a real difference.

What’s your background?

After a career across several for-profit healthcare providers, I was keen to join a not-for-profit where I can apply my experience. Being originally from a small, 360 people village in Germany, somewhere between the River Rhine and the border with Belgium, helping country kids resonates strongly with me.

What’s your new ‘day to day’?

My typical day involves checking if all the ICT services are running well, meeting with people to improve our services, and provide input across the many projects which utilise ICT in one way or another. This has me primarily working at our Manly location, however, I am keen to get out to see firsthand what impact we are making across rural and remote Australia.

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