Meet the team: Sally

Hi everyone. My name is Sally, and my current role at RFW is Project Manager for the Integrated Client Journey.

What does this mean?

My job is to make sure that we are creating a service that is focused on giving our clients a high-quality experience that meets their needs and fully supports them. As a team we are always thinking about our clients and this project is the next step in putting client needs at the centre of our decision making.

I believe that the work we are undertaking for the Integrated Client Journey will make it easier for potential client families to connect with our services and for existing clients to gain better outcomes from their time with us.

How long have you been here? Have you seen any changes?

I have worked here for seven years. During this time I have worked in both our Operations and Health teams, and have seen many wonderful things happen. The biggest change that I have seen is in the introduction of Telecare services. This innovative service delivery method has helped us to reach so many more children than we could offer face-to-face and offer more regular therapy to those who need it.

I believe that the variety of services and service delivery we now offer enables so many more families to access our services and choose the options that best suit their needs. Our Telecare service has also been instrumental in the current COVID-19 crisis, allowing us to pivot some of our face-to-face programs, such as the Paediatric Developmental Program in Manly, so we can keep working with our clients and families in their homes, ensuring we can maintain the connection and clinical support that they need.

What led you to work at RFW?

Growing up on a farm in central NSW, I have some understanding of what it is like to live a long way from essential services. I was drawn to RFW because they design services specific to the needs of rural and remote families, and actively attempt to tackle the challenges our families face. I find it so refreshing to work with a company that is putting “the bush” first and pushing for excellence, not just availability, because growing up in rural and remote communities should not be a disadvantage for children and their families.

Describe your typical day

I talk to a lot of people! My day is about pulling information from different places and people all together to help build a big picture of our service offering and all its moving parts. I enjoy that my job lets me look at the whole of RFW how all its different services work together, yet also allows me to drill right down into the nitty gritty details of what an individual client family will experience when they work with us. I believe we can definitely refine some of our practices to improve the client journey experience for our clients, and I am really thrilled to get the opportunity to head up this project and make some really positive changes.

What’s the best thing about working with families from rural and remote Australia?

Rural and remote Australia is a beautiful place and offers a unique lifestyle. I love meeting our families, talking to people and hearing all about where they have come from and what their life is like at home.

What makes RFW unique?

RFW is special and unique on so many levels. The organisation has such a strong history, with innovation at its core. Everyone is always happy to hear a new idea, read a new proposal or make a new partnership because we are always striving to improve and learn more. It is really fulfilling to work with such open-minded and passionate people every day.

If you are interested in sharing your experience as a client with Royal Far West with Sally, please contact her at sallyd@royalfarwest.org.au


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