Meet the Team: Sally

Ahead of this year’s Ride for Country Kids, we chatted with first-time rider Sally about her connection to our annual event and how her training is going.

Tell us about yourself

I worked for 10 years as a primary school teacher before moving into corporate roles in the Education industry and am now in education policy. I’m a mum of two young girls and live locally on the Northern Beaches. I love the beach and being active and dabble in short course triathlon with Warringah Triathlon Club. I try to fit cycling, running and swimming in around our family’s crazy schedule!

What is your connection to Royal Far West (RFW)?

Being a teacher, I’ve always known a little bit about what RFW does and, of course, that they were based in Manly. Since hearing about the Ride and wanting to get involved, I’ve learnt a lot more about the things they do for county kids and families. My husband grew up in the country and we often reflect on the access to services our kids have here in Sydney and how that can differ depending on a child’s location across the country.

Why did you think it was important to get involved and help raise funds to support country kids?

I have two young children and have easy access to every possible high-level service and support they could need here in Sydney, but that isn’t the case for everyone. A child’s geographic location shouldn’t be a barrier to the support they need in life. This is what drives me to support RFW and the work they do in rural and remote communities.

Are you an experienced rider?

I’ve been doing triathlons with Warringah Triathlon Club for the past few years but in terms of road cycling, I’m fairly new. I started out in late 2021 turning up to the Tri club’s beginner ride out to Church Point from Dee Why each week and gradually built confidence and a love of the sport. In early 2022, I joined regular weekend rides with a group of friends and we set a goal for me and a friend to ride our first 100km ride. Working towards and smashing this goal got me hooked on cycling!

How is your preparation going? Are you ready to clock the 400km+?

I’m getting there! Trying to juggle the training around work and family isn’t easy and means a long of 4.45am alarms and lunch break wind trainer sessions but I’m really enjoying the challenge. Post-ride coffee after our RFW Tuesday morning hills session is also a good motivator.

What are you looking forward to most about the Ride?

The scenery firstly. I’ve never been to the Snowy Mountains in summer, so I’m looking forward to seeing it in a completely different light. But also, the challenge is a big one. This year’s route is going to be the most difficult so far with so much climbing. So, I’m looking forward to that feeling at the end of each day once I’ve made it up all those hills!

How can people get behind you and donate to the Ride?

Please consider sponsoring me, I’d be so grateful!  Or if you live on or around our route this year, come out and say hello as we cycle by!