Meet the team: Rohan Stewart

As this year’s Ride for Country Kids grows ever closer, we chatted to long-time rider Rohan Stewart of PSC Insurance about his connection to our annual cycling event and what keeps bringing him, and the PSC team, back year after year.

What’s your connection with Royal Far West?

My connection to RFW goes back to the original Ride for Country Kids back in 2014. Andrew Price and Con Hart called me and asked if I’d help them establish the Ride as a major fundraiser for RFW and draw in my contacts within the insurance industry to support the event. I knew a little about RFW then and was aware some of our rural-based people within PSC had a connection going back many years. Plus, living on the Lower North Shore I was aware of the Manly base. From there we have supported the ride each year with riders and sponsorship, became the insurance broker to RFW improving its coverage and reducing its cost and got to travel through rural NSW meeting wonderful people and communities. It’s amazing seeing how RFW has supported and improved the lives of so many families.

How many Ride for Country Kids have you been on?

I’m one of only two people (as at last year) who has done them all and I’m not even a bike rider! I’m actually a runner by choice.

What keeps you coming back year after year?

I do this event each year because of the fantastic cause, the people and the communities we travel through. It’s a wonderful experience on so many levels and just seeing the joy people get from seeing the riders makes it worthwhile.

Why did you think it was important for PSC to become involved with the Ride?

PSC has a large rural footprint, and we know it’s important to support the communities we operate within and contribute something back where we can. This is one of a number of initiatives where we support communities and worthy causes across Australia.

What would you say to any individuals or corporate teams who are thinking about joining the Ride?

It’s a great experience! You get to spend three days with a bunch of like-minded people travelling through rural NSW seeing the country as you’ve never seen it before, meeting wonderful people and communities who appreciate and value what you are doing. It’s good for them and also good for you to be making an effort to put something back where it’s needed.

What has been your most memorable Ride moment so far?

All the Rides have been special for different reasons because it’s about the different people you meet and spend time with along the way. The Ride that proved the biggest challenge was Wagga Wagga to Orange (2017). On day 1, we had to deal with 40c temperature and a northerly wind, so it felt like riding in a fan-forced oven. Then day 2 was rain and cool winds with some riders suffering borderline hypothermia by the time we stopped at a primary school for lunch! Day 3 into Orange we had 40km head winds for the last 30km, which was a primarily uphill stint into Orange. It was a massive challenge for all riders and definitely the toughest out of them all but memorable all the same. We haven’t had any other ride like that, all the others have had good weather, reasonable conditions and minimal punctures, which I’m sure this year’s ride will be no different.

How can we help you raise funds?

If you can, please sponsor my team here.

Visit our Ride for Country Kids page to find out more about joining the Ride or becoming one of our corporate sponsors.