Meet the team: Richard Crookes Constructions
In two days time, we’ll be heading to Tamworth to kick-off the 2022 Ride for Country Kids! We got to know Ride partner Richard Crookes Constructions’ team a little better ahead of the tour.

Mark Bowd – Senior Project Manager, Roger Ornek – Construction Manager, Lucas Rielly – Site Manager, Matthew Samuels – Project Engineer and Michael Ellis – Senior Project Engineer will be cycling over 430km from Tamworth to Glen Innes to support the health and wellbeing of Australia’s country kids and RCC Team Captain Jess Dwyer – Head of Operations will be on-hand supporting the team throughout their adventure.

Take a look at why they’re riding!

We’re excited to have you all on-board for your first Ride. What is your connection to Royal Far West?

Jess Dwyer: Richard Crookes Constructions (RCC) is currently working with Royal Far West on their Manly Redevelopment. It is important that we create meaningful relationships with clients and are aligned in our values. This has been easy with RFW as we are both focused on creating better community outcomes across remote and regional NSW.

Michael Ellis: I managed to work on RCC’s early contractor involvement (ECI) tender bid which provides the initial exposure to RFW and an insight into the work the organisation does. As part of the ECI works, we did a site visit to Manly to see the current facilities and get a real appreciation for the future scope that the charity wants to be able to provide.

Roger Ornek: As the Project Director for RCC (Delivery), the ECI phase has been a real eye opener for me in terms of what RFW does for children in rural and remote areas, and how they’ve been doing this for nearly 100 years.

Why did you think it was important for Richard Crookes to become involved with the Ride?

Lucas Reilly: RCC are a family owned and run company with great family values, we also operate throughout regional NSW. We’re proud to provide any assistance we can give to support to people in need in these communities.

Matthew Samuels: The Ride provides RCC with a great opportunity to support a great cause as well as raise awareness for RFW.

Mark Bowd: RCC operates throughout the New England region with an office in Tamworth, so it’s great that we’ll be able to experience some of the areas we’re working in.

JD: The Ride is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness with our employees, clients, consultants and subcontractors and also have a good time with like-minded people. As a business we are committed to giving back to the communities we live and work in. RFW are doing an amazing job of changing the lives of country kids, hopefully RCC can support that mission on the ride and into the future.

Why did you think it was important to get involved and help raise funds to support country kids?

Lucas Reilly: Being a father of 2 young boys living in the city and having the privilege of easy access to the best facilities, I think we should all do our part to make it as easy as possible for all children to have the best access to medical needs.

MB: I was born and raised in regional NSW and have children of my own, so I was keen to show my support for RFW by joining the Ride.

How is the training going? Are you all ready for 430km across 3 days?

MB: Training has been going well, managing to fit in 200-300km of riding a week with a mix between indoor trainer and outdoor solo or group rides

ME: Training has been going very well. I’m ready to roll and looking forward to the Ride.

MS: It’s been interesting to say the least. If I can make it to the finish, it will definitely go down as the most challenging feat I have ever done, as well as the most rewarding.

RO: Training has been a challenge, are we ready???? We were born ready!! It’s for a great cause so let’s put our bodies on the line!

We love the enthusiasm! What are you each looking forward to most about the Ride?

JD: The team will get a kick out of riding past some of the buildings we have delivered. Hopefully we have made a difference to families in this location over the years as we have delivered Hospitals in Tamworth, Armidale and Inverell.

MB: The challenge of riding the distance over the three days and getting to meet and ride with [Tour de France champion and RFCK Ambassador] Mark Renshaw.

RO: I want to challenge myself personally but also to see the country at a cruising pace and not just driving through towns and countryside. I’m looking forward to getting to know and meet the people on the Ride and in the towns.

MS: I’m definitely excited to see this part of the country, as well as being a part of the comradery amongst the group

ME: There some great landscapes throughout the areas we are riding. I’m looking forward to getting out of Sydney for a few days and enjoying the area.

LR: The challenge – and hopefully some good banter amongst the group!

How is the fundraising going? How can people support you?

Team: visit the Richard Crookes Constructions team page and support us to go the distance to help change the lives of country kids!


We’re looking forward to seeing the Richard Crookes team at the starting line in Bendemeer on Sunday 22 May.