Meet the team: Pricey

Hi. My name’s Andrew Price (aka Pricey, aka Captain Concordia), and as a five-time tour veteran, I can’t wait for this year’s Ride for Country Kids!

What’s your connection with RFW?

Basically, Con Hart of FDC Construction and Fitout (who’s also riding again this year) and I were instrumental in forming Ride for Country Kids back in 2014. We wanted to start a charity cycling event and thought that a three-day cycle through regional areas of NSW was a perfect fit with Royal Far West.

Why are you riding?

I know how much Royal Far West relies on this ride to raise much needed funds for kids in rural and remote communities, and I am keen to do my bit. The fundraising component is more important than ever this year, as the drought, bushfires and now the COVID-19 pandemic have all had a negative impact on so many people who live in regional areas.  Living in a regional area myself, I completely understand why even more kids and families will need RFW’s support this year.

Also, I am really looking forward to catching up with the riders. One of the things that makes this ride so successful is a core group of riders/supporters who come back year on year.  I know cycling 500kms doesn’t sound like it, but the ride is great fun!

Why do you think people do the ride each year?

The event goes far beyond just cycling – it’s an ideal way for riders from the corporate world to connect with children and locals in the communities we cycle through. We gain an insight into the trust many rural people have for Royal Far West, and the reciprocal respect Royal Far West has for them.

The riders come from a variety of backgrounds, and all make a huge effort to raise funds. It is an extremely satisfying event, not only because of the physical challenge, but more so witnessing firsthand the positive impact Royal Far West has on regional communities.

What’s your favourite Ride memory?

There have been a few of them!

Riding into Parkes in the first ever ride, the street was lined with hundreds of screaming school kids as we pulled up for a break. It was incredible!

Another one was few years ago, when we visited to a small school where a handful of young students recited Banjo Paterson’s poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle”. THE ENTIRE POEM. It was brilliant!

Also, watching Rohan Stewart ride into a school one day and slowly toppling over because he couldn’t unclip his shoe was also very entertaining…

What’s your team name, and who is in it?

I’m in team Barry Nilsson Lawyers with Thomas Byrne, Brendan Garard, David Kerwin, Andrew McKenzie, Amber O’Brien, Jason Ryan and Hubert Wajszel.

How did you get the nickname ‘Captain Concordia’?

It was unfairly alleged during the second year of the ride, that as a peloton captain, I may or may not have left a peloton (which was falling apart) behind going up a steep climb. From that point on, I was unjustly branded as Captain Concordia for ‘bailing on the sinking ship’. It’s all speculation of course!

How can we help you raise funds?

If you can, please sponsor my team here.

Thank you!


Visit our Ride for Country Kids page to find out more.