Meet the team: Penny

Hi. My name is Penny, and I’m Head of Corporate Partnerships at Royal Far West.

During COVID-19, 62% of Australians said they have re-evaluated their priorities in life. This trend has been coined ‘Crusading Consumers’, and these people are now more likely to buy products and services from companies that are actually doing some good in the world.

My role at RFW is to enable corporate partners to connect to these consumers, and through deep partnerships and engagement, deliver lasting impact.

I have only been at RFW for a short time, yet I have already experienced our powerful impact on the children, families and communities we support. I’ve also seen how staff have a collective focus on making a positive impact on every child and their family, and how incredibly proud everyone is to work here.

What led you to work at RFW?

Two of my passions are regional Australia and helping disadvantaged youth. I met RFW’s Head of Philanthropy & Community Partnerships through my work as Commercial Director for Australian Community Media when I attended RFW’s ‘Invisible Children’ launch in Canberra, where I admired the change RFW was making. I knew this was an organisation I really wanted to work for and would believe in, not only because of their impact in community, but also the impact that could be achieved internally.

Describe your typical day

I am on a steep learning curve, meeting different teams and individuals to help me to understand the roles they play and the organisation’s dynamics, history and future focus. I am also learning about the partnerships we have in place and I look forward to building on our corporate proposition and strategy to strengthen and grow meaningful partnerships with like-minded corporates to help us to connect more country kids to the care they need, for generations to come.

What’s the best thing about working with families from rural and remote Australia?

Seeing the positive impact of our support for kids and families and knowing that we have helped to unlock their potential, wherever they live. Postcodes should not make a difference to the level of care Australia’s children receive.

What do you think makes RFW unique?

Our holistic approach to not only what each young person needs to thrive, but also how best to support their families and communities. It is inspiring that we do not go in to communities to try to be heroes. We wait until we are invited, work in partnership with others, and we assist in building capacity and sustainability in each community as we help to support the voices of country children.

To learn more about corporate partnerships at Royal Far West, email Penny at pennyk@royalfarwest.org.au