Nathan Taylor, RFW Dad rides for country kids
Back for his second ‘tour’, Ride for Country Kids Ambassador and RFW parent Nathan chats to us about why he’s pedalling 400km+ from Dubbo to Cobar this May. 

Q: Hi there, and thanks for joining us today for a Q & A Session. Let’s start with your name, and what you do.

A: Hi. My name is Nathan Taylor and I’m a motorcycle mechanic from Bathurst.

Q: I’ve heard you’ll be riding as an Ambassador

A: Yes. I was an Ambassador at the last Ride and my wife and daughter came along, and I’m proud to be invited back again this year for my second ‘tour’.

Q: What’s your connection with Royal Far West, particularly with our iconic Ride for Country Kids event, which goes from 2-4 May, starting in Dubbo and finishing in Cobar.

A: We are clients of Royal Far West through our daughter Charlotte.

Living near Bathurst, I first became aware of the Ride through watching our local news, which is Prime7, and that the news presenter Daniel Gibson had done the Ride in previous years. 

When I found out that our family was going to be clients of Royal Far West, I knew I HAD to be part of the next Ride!

Q: Why are you riding?

A: Royal Far West feels like our extended family, so it`s great to spend some time on a social level with some of the team. In addition, the charity has been so helpful to our whole family – Annette, Charlotte and me – we’d be lost without them, so I really feel this a way that I can give back.

Q: What’s your favourite Ride memory?

A: Reflecting on the last ride, I think the whole process was such a memorable experience. Personally, it was almost two years in the making.  When we got to Royal Far West on our first visit, I started asking questions about how I could get involved in the ride. I was too late for the 2018 ride, so from then on, I had my sights set on the 2019 ride. Being made a ride Ambassador was a humbling experience and in some cases pushed me outside of my comfort zone, which I enjoyed. By the time the start of the ride came around I was more than ready and excited! The ride itself was incredible. Visiting the schools and having the kids greet us the way they did lifted our spirits if we were tired and fatigued. The comradery and support was fabulous. It was all so memorable. I can’t wait to do it all again.

Q: Are you an experienced rider? (regular weekend rider/in a club/new to the sport etc)

A: Mildly experienced I guess. I ride as often as I can. 200km a week is always my target, although that drops dramatically in winter time in Bathurst! Cycling is so beneficial to me on many different levels, so I try to stay as active in the sport as I can.

Q: What are you doing to raise funds?

A: I made a commitment to everyone on social media that if I met my 200km weekly target, I asked everyone to donate $10. We also had a raffle at an event fellow ambassador Mark Renshaw held, and he very kindly donated some prizes from his bike shop in Bathurst.

A: It would be great if people could help by donating through my sponsorship page.

And if you live in or are visiting Dubbo, Narromine, Warren, Nyngan or Cobar, check out where we’ll be on our website, and come on by and say hello. We’d love to see you. Check out Royal Far West’s Facebook Events page for more information!