Meet the team: Kendra

Hiya, I’m Kendra and I’m a Recreation Officer at Royal Far West. The Recreation team provides many games and activities to help our clients though our activity programs that are designed to help improve their coordination, social skills, teamwork and self-confidence, in a fun and inclusive environment.

In non-COVID-19 times, explain your average week

My typical week involves welcoming new and returning families to Manly, and getting all types of activities ready, ranging from sport to science to outdoor adventures to zoo trips and beach activities. Our clients and siblings are all welcome to join each session, which are held after school and before dinner time.

Why did you choose to work at Royal Far West?

My mother has been a part of Royal Far West for 12 years and suggested that I apply for a role in the Recreation team. I’d been working in Out of School Hours childcare (OOSH) and babysitting, and I felt that applying for this position was a great step-up for my career. I’ve now been a part of the Royal Far West family for about two-and-a-half years, and I love it.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

I have plenty of favourites! I love getting involved with the children and building rapport with the different families each week. I love it when families return to us at Manly, and I really enjoy seeing them become more comfortable as we become more familiar to them, and I feel confident that they know their visit will include a fun week of Recreation as well as their other programs.

It’s great having families drop in to say hello and having children befriend each other and keep those friendships even outside of Royal Far West. I love it when the kids come up to me asking if I remember someone and they tell me that they talk to that friend and say that they are doing well.

I enjoy learning about the rural areas our families are from and understanding how differently the city really is. They always have fabulous stories to share.

It can be a bittersweet moment when a family gets discharged. It can be sad and emotional when they leave, but it’s also very positive, because I know we’ve done everything we can to support them to thrive, and they know they can always pop in to say hello whenever they are in the Manly area.

For me, Royal Far West is more than just helping families, it’s a safe space for them to get the help they need in non-judgemental surroundings, and I love knowing that I’ve been a part of this.

How has the pandemic affected your role?

We haven’t had clients at Manly since March. My most unusual role during the pandemic has been greeting our staff at the front door each day, checking that they haven’t been near any COVID-19 ‘hot spots’, and taking their temperatures.

I can’t wait until we’re able to welcome our kids and families back to the Centre for Country Kids early next year.


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