Meet the team: Hannah

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m Royal Far West’s Marketing Specialist.

Describe what you do

The main focus of my role is to ensure we’re showcasing and promoting all of the amazing work Royal Far West does. Essentially, the more people who know about Royal Far West, the more people we can help. My role includes creating our social media content, curating our website, designing newsletters, and shooting and editing videos.

Similarly, we do a whole load of awesome events and activations throughout the year (things like the Ride for Country Kids and Country Kids Christmas Table) that are important to shout about!

Currently, it’s NAIDOC Week, a hugely important week in the Royal Far West calendar. I’ve been working with the rest of the RFW Reconciliation Journey Team to help broaden our staff’s knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by arranging guest speakers to talk with our team, organising the awesome ‘Book Nook’ in the CCK, and sharing a whole load of useful content.

How long have you been here? Have you seen any changes in the sorts of issues children have during this time?

I’ve been working at RFW since July last year. Obviously, due to COVID, things have changed a LOT since then! Shifting our entire workforce from our lovely office on Manly beach to the confines of our own homes was an adventure none of us was expecting! I’m really grateful that we have such an awesome team who really looked out for one another during that time of uncertainty.

I’m impressed how, as an organisation, we shifted to an online model so quickly and with relative ease.

What led you to work at RFW?

After spending all my professional career in the retail sector and never really feeling fulfilled, I knew I wanted to work for a not-for-profit, so decided to seek a slight career path change. When this role came up at RFW, I knew I had to go for it. I love that I now come to work every day knowing that what I’m doing is for such an amazing cause.

Speaking to families in the CCK and online and hearing stories from other members of the team only cements this feeling. I’m glad I made the change and I’m proud to work for such a fabulous organisation.

Describe your typical day

I think everyone says this, but there really isn’t a typical day for me!

One day I could be shooting videos with various members of the team and on other days I could be planning our social content or working on developing and expanding our website.

I also work with almost all areas of the business to help them out with  their marketing needs – this could be anything from snazzing up research reports to helping our Fundraising team with their appeals and events.

However, my favourite part of my role is working with the Reconciliation Journey Team on our RAP. For me, this involves identifying areas in which I can help RFW contribute to reconciliation.

What’s the best thing about working with families from rural and remote Australia?

I think knowing that what I’m doing is making a difference to the lives of families in rural and remote areas. Being from the UK, I never really grasped the sheer vastness of Australia until I began working here, and, living in Sydney, it was almost incomprehensible that families could live so far away from vital services. However, now I know how much of a HUGE issue this is, and how not having access to these services can alter a child’s life trajectory so drastically.

I love hearing stories from our lovely Facebook and Instagram comments and messages, and also stories from our clinicians (or families when they visit the CCK!) about how we are helping.

What do you think makes RFW unique?

Everyone is here for the exact same reason – to help change the lives of country kids. I’ve genuinely never worked in such a supportive team and I think the reason for that is a complete lack of ego from anyone who works here.

Oh, and you just can’t beat the location, can you? I love sending photos of the view from my office window to my family back home! I think they understand why I like it over here on the other side of the world!

Tell us about a family’s positive outcomes through working with RFW

Not so much a family’s positive outcome but I recently received a Facebook message from a lovely local lady in Manly who wanted to donate a PlayStation 4 to Royal Far West for the kids to use during recreation.

I thought that was so nice of her! It’s fantastic that RFW is supported by such a great community here in Manly. I’m looking forward to some exciting activations happening here in the summer!


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