Meet the team: Braydan

Hi. My name’s Braydan, and I’m our Donor Care Officer at Royal Far West, working in the Fundraising team.

As we are a charity, it’s so important to grow our donor base to provide funds to support the growing number of children in rural and remote areas needing our benevolent services, and we’re extremely grateful to all of our donors for their generosity and care for country kids.

How long have you been at RFW?

I’ve been here for seven months, My first three months were in our Centre for Country Kids in Manly, and over the last four months, because of the COVID-19 quarantine requirements, I’ve been working from home, however our team has just started coming back to the office one day each week.

What do you do each day?

Every day you’ll find me talking on the phone with some of our long-term or new donors, or replying to their emails.

During the COVID-19 period my role was extended to assist the Telecare team to help reorganise their therapy sessions from delivery into schools to delivery at each child’s home. This has given me a much deeper insight into how we support Australia’s country kids, and the impact we have. I’m going to miss the Telecare team!

What led you to work at RFW?

I really enjoyed being able to assist people in my previous positions in aged care and the Department of Housing, and knew that I would be happiest in roles where I could use my skills to help make people’s lives easier. Growing up on the Northern Beaches, I always knew about RFW and the great things it does for country kids, and I was over the moon when I got the call to say I had been recruited as the Donor Care Officer! From week one I knew I’d found ‘my place’, as the fundraising team made me feel so welcome, and I could see that I could make a positive impact for kids in rural and remote communities.

Living fairly close to Manly, I ride my bike to work (on the days we are back in the office), which gives me exercise, and saves money on transport!

What do you think makes RFW unique?

Being able to deliver such a service to Australia’s country kids is like nothing else. We provide services to improve the health and wellbeing of country kids at our new Centre for Country Kids in Manly (pre and post COVID-19 restrictions), as well as virtually and in local communities. Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people who live in rural and remote communities, and we absolutely do this, each and every day. I’m really happy to be part of a workforce that really cares for country kids.


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