Head of Clinical Services Amanda

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am Head of Clinical Services at Royal Far West.

Describe what you do

My role provides leadership and oversight to the Clinical and Recreation teams who provide wonderful care for country kids. My clinical background is Speech Pathology, and I am passionate about our multidisciplinary team delivering high quality, integrated care for children in rural and remote areas. Our teams offer Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Client Care, Nursing, Dietetics, Orthoptics and Recreation.

Where are you from?

I have been with Royal Far West for almost three months, having recently moved from Far North Queensland. Prior to this I worked in hospital, community health and in Aboriginal Community Control health services. I am loving the move to Manly and being able to continue to work in rural and remote healthcare.

What makes you proud to work here?

Our multidisciplinary Clinical and Recreation teams are highly skilled and committed to providing the best care for country kids and their families. Our teams work together to support children and families, and our expertise in technology means that we can reach families across Australia, as well as those who visit at the Centre for Country Kids.

From day one I’ve seen our team innovate and respond quickly and skilfully to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen us pivot our services so we now offer them to children in their homes, which we deliver from our homes, to make sure they don’t miss out on the care and support they need.

Why did you choose to work at RFW?

I am passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of children and enabling them equitable access to care and early intervention. This can be difficult when living in in rural and remote areas, and this was one of my reasons for joining Royal Far West, so I can continue to advocate for and provide access to high quality services for country kids and communities.

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