Meet the Riders: Graeme joins the Ride for Country Kids

Ahead of this year’s Ride for Country Kids, we chatted with long-term rider Graeme about his connection to our event and how his training is going.

Meet Graeme Andrews, one of the riders set to pedal for a cause at this year’s Ride for Country Kids.

Graeme, a resident of Millingandi nestled near Merimbula, embodies the vibrant spirit of rural life. When he’s not busy at work at Nexia, a Chartered Accounting firm and event sponsor for Ride for Country Kids, he’s out in the waves surfing, or tending to his farm’s lively inhabitants – two energetic kelpies, a cat, cows, sheep, and a horse.

Passionate about making a meaningful difference in the lives of country children, Graeme has now been involved in the Ride for Country Kids for four years.

Graeme initially got involved after hearing about the ride from his friend Brent, the next year he was signed up and tackling the challenge.

“Brent Goldman a friend from work told me about the ride in 2016 so I registered for the 2017 ride – which was a very hard years ride”.

“What I am most looking forward to is the school visitations. To me they are the highlight of the ride as it brings home to you the positive difference you can make by undertaking this ride. Also, the children are just fantastic, which eases the leg pain somewhat!”

Speaking on what brought him back to the saddle, he said being able to ride through the region he calls home was a big inspiration. He is counting down the days until the event kicks off but has still some final training to get done.

“While I normally am a good planner I always seem to leave my preparation a little late, so while I am riding a lot more and knowing the terrain on this ride, I am a little underdone. But the pressure is on me because this is my “backyard” and home territory”

As Graeme gears up for the Ride for Country Kids, he’s not just covering distance; he’s helping to create a brighter future for rural and remote children and families.

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