Meet the Morris Family from Gunnedah


“No one can tell what the future holds for Dyoaka and Keith, but we have seen great progress in their behaviours and are getting a lot of support which has helped tremendously.” Brad

Gunnedah is a farming town in north-eastern New South Wales, and home to about 7,800 people. It’s also home to Brad and his four year old daughter Dyoaka, and her five year old brother Keith.

Both Dyoaka and Keith have intellectual disabilities and complex health issues.

For a while, Brad used to bundle the kids in the car to see a paediatrician in Tamworth, more than an hour away by car, just one way, from Gunnedah. That was until one day when Brad was told ‘the medical practice was closing’. With little options available locally, their family GP referred them to Royal Far West.

Brad, Dyoaka and Keith have been receiving help from to Royal Far West for about three years. Coming to Royal Far West has been a turning point for him and his children. With clinicians specialising in development paediatrics to orthoptics to speech therapy Brad has been able to access the specialist healthcare Dyoaka and Keith need in Manly and have that support continue at home, to improve his children’s health.

While Royal Far West has taken care of ‘the little things’ like one of our opththalmologists fitting Keith with glasses; and regular dental appointments with our dentist, it’s the improvement Keith and Dyoaka’s communication skills that dad is most happy about. A lot of one to one attention from working closely with our speech therapists and support from dad has resulted in both Keith and Dyoaka being more comfortable, independent and sociable in school.