In Australia today, 100,000 “invisible” children are struggling with their physical, social, emotional health and wellbeing and language and communication skills (classified as developmentally vulnerable) who can’t access services to support their needs.

These children are more likely to have poorer educational attainment, higher rates of chronic disease and mental health, and greater tendency towards unemployment, homelessness and crime later in life.

In 2018 Royal Far West took to the road and visited communities throughout NSW to hear the stories and struggles from the people impacted. Through our Town Hall series, held in conjunction with Australian Community Media, we collected stories from families, carers, teachers and community members throughout regional NSW

We were very proud to launch our publication at Parliament House in February 2019, and give these communities a voice on an issue that matters greatly to them.

The stories of the Invisible Children can be found at: http://bit.ly/3081mgz