Launch of National Alliance for Regionalisation

Royal Far West is pleased to be a founding partner of the new National Alliance for Regionalisation.

This significant initiative sees more than 30 stakeholders in Australia join forces to promote and advocate for regional Australia. It will span businesses, health, education, infrastructure and environment.

Launched by the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) as part of its Regionalisation Ambition 2032, the Alliance will advocate for the policy priorities needed to create a fairer, more prosperous, more balanced regional Australia.

Every Australian child has the right to access quality health, education and developmental services. Where you live should not be a barrier to access services or a cause for disadvantage. But the reality is that kids living in rural and remote communities are more likely to start school developmentally vulnerable compared to kids growing up in the city. Our mission is to help voice the needs of country children and this first-of-its-kind Alliance will help us do that. Well done to RAI for this important initiative.

Image: Liz Ritchie CEO of the Regional Australia Institute holds a copy of the Regionalisation Ambition – A Framework to Rebalance the Nation.