Royal Far West announces a gift from The James G. Boswell Foundation

Royal Far West is pleased to announce the receipt of a gift of more than $650,000 from The James G. Boswell Foundation, following the sale of the Australian farming and cotton operations known as Auscott Limited.

Jacqueline Emery, CEO of Royal Far West, said “we are honoured to be selected for this incredible donation and with the gift being unrestricted, it means we will be able to use it where we see the most need. After some of the most challenging times for Australian country families, this wonderful gesture by The James G. Boswell Foundation will give hundreds of country kids the chance to thrive”.

Ashley Power, former CEO of Auscott and representing J. G. Boswell Company said, “The Boswell Company is proud of its involvement and relationship with the rural communities it has operated in since 1963 and on the sale of Auscott, we are pleased to provide this gift to say thank you.

“Royal Far West helps young children in rural areas at a most critical stage in their educational and behavioral development, which dramatically changes future outcomes. This is not only an extraordinary benefit for these young people and their families, but also as these young people grow to be part of the community, it supports the growth and welfare of these rural communities for many years to come,” Ashley said.