MEDIA RELEASE: Healthy Kids Bus Stop Delivers Free Health Checks in Hillston and Hay 18 – 20 May 2021

Children’s charity Royal Far West, in partnership with the Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Griffith AMS and Ronald McDonald House Charities, will be delivering free child health checks for children aged 3-5 through the Healthy Kids Bus Stop program, which is coming to Hillston on 18 May and Hay on 19 – 20 May 2021.

The Healthy Kids Bus Stop brings together child and family health nurses, audiometry, dietetics, oral health, speech pathology and occupational therapy screening services to give children a comprehensive school-readiness check.

Assessments include a child health check, hearing screening, dental check, fine and gross motor skill development screening, language and speech development check, and a food nutrition check, all at the one location in either a morning or afternoon appointment.

Identifying children’s developmental issues before they start school is critical to their life trajectory, and this award-winning screening program was developed to help identify children who will benefit from some form of early intervention prior to starting school.

Children requiring further assessment will be referred to appropriate local services, and those with complex needs may also be referred to Royal Far West’s Paediatric Developmental Program.

Hillston Central School and Hay Public School will be hosting the Bus Stop in their towns. Other key partners include local preschools, schools, councils and community service organisations. The program is a collaborative exercise to benefit young children within the community at no cost to their parents/carers.

Royal Far West’s Community Programs Manager John Reid said the Bus Stop was last in Hillston and Hay in 2018 and the visit proved very worthwhile.

“We received great community support with 64 children screened over three days, with 36 requiring follow-up, mainly in the areas of speech therapy, oral health and occupational therapy.

“Each health station assesses an important area of a child’s current health and wellbeing, and gives parents the opportunity to address any issues. There have been many instances where issues have been picked up that parents had not identified – most of us are not experts in these areas and it is a great opportunity to have these checks done in the one location on the same day,”” he said.


Children must be registered to attend the Bus Stop. This can be done via our online form, or by calling Royal Far West’s Outreach Team on 02 8966 8557 for more information.