A Farewell to Mark Drummond

Today, we were honoured to farewell our Board’s Vice Chairman Mark Drummond at our AGM. We were delighted to grant him Life Membership of Royal Far West, one of only three Life Memberships in our charity’s history.

A Great Nephew of our founder Reverend Stanley Drummond and Grandson of past Chairman Norman W Drummond, Mark enjoyed a long association with Royal Far West before becoming a member in 1991.

Mark joined the Board in 2004, where his roles included Nominations, Governance & Remuneration Committee Chair, Treasurer and Vice Chairman.
Daryl Hawthrone and Mark Drummond
Daryl Hawthrone and Mark Drummond

“Mark has now served the maximum tenure permitted under the Royal Far West Board Governance Charter. I am taking this opportunity to pay a heartfelt tribute to Mark for his hard work and dedication over many years to support country families and to help our charity transform into the incredible organisation it is today”.

– Chairman Joan Treweeke OAM

“Your honest reflections and always timely encouragement and acknowledgement of our achievements have been deeply valued. We will miss you dearly through your representative role as a Director. I am looking forward to engaging with you in your new and very special role as a Life Member”.

– CEO Lindsay Cane AM

On behalf of the Board, staff, Branch and Scheme members, other volunteers and the thousands of children and families who have enjoyed the service and support of Royal Far West, we thank Mark for everything he has done to enhance the incredible charity we know as Royal Far West.