Face-to-face Fundraising

Face-to-Face Fundraising

You may have seen our fundraisers in shopping centres, on street corners or outside your local train station. Our fundraisers do a very important job to support country kids – they recruit new regular givers.

Why We’re Fundraising

Distance shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing healthcare services, but for Australian families in rural and remote areas, it is. Country kids are twice as likely to face developmental challenges such as speech delays, learning difficulties and mental illness compared to city kids. If left untreated this can lead to life-long issues. Many country kids and families are being needlessly left behind because it is much harder for them to access vital health services.

Royal Far West is a health, education and disability service dedicated to providing these services so that country kids and their families don’t need to face these problems alone. In order to provide our unique services to more country kids, we are seeking the help of generous individuals, and having great conversations with people on the street is one of the best ways for us to find passionate people who can support us through a monthly donation.

Regular giving is a recurring, monthly donation made via bank account or credit card. Regular donations provide Royal Far West with a predictable, stable source of income that allows us to plan and commit long-term to the services and initiatives we deliver to country kids and their families.

Locations & Fundraisers

Currently, Royal Far West is conducting face-to-face fundraising activities in NSW, QLD and WA. This may be on the street, in a shopping centre or door-to-door. Our fundraisers are extensively trained and are passionate advocates of Royal Far West’s mission.

All our fundraisers wear Royal Far West branded t-shirts and will carry ID badges that include details of the professional fundraising agency they are employed by and contact details for Royal Far West. They do not accept cash, instead they ask for monthly donations by direct debit or credit card. Using a professional agency means we are able to keep our costs down as they provide cost-effective quality training and professional representation for Royal Far West.

Other Activities

We also recruit new monthly donors through telemarketing, online and direct mail.


If you have any feedback about our face to face fundraising program we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch by completing the contact form below, or by free calling 1800 961 001 or emailing donorservices@royalfarwest.org.au

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