Your donation will help country kids like Ellie thrive

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You can help connect a country child to life-changing health care.

Access to the right developmental and mental healthcare at the right time, can make the difference between a child thriving or falling behind. ​

​Where you live should never be a barrier to accessing services, nor a cause for disadvantage. ​

But for families in rural and remote communities, the distance, cost and lack of local services often means the care they need is simply out of reach. ​

Your gift today will help set a country child on the path to a brighter future. 

Your impact

By donating today, you will help change a country child’s life, and unlock their full potential.

You have the power to connect a country child to life-changing developmental and mental health care via our team of multi-disciplinary clinicians. They deliver child-focused services and support to country families in person, or remotely via Telecare for Kids.

Your donation will change the trajectory for a country child and set them on the path to a happier, healthier future.

In the last two years 1,192 country children have attended almost 23,000 appointments with our multi-disciplinary team of child-focused clinicians as part of our Paediatric Development Program. Generous supporters like you make it possible for children with complex developmental, behavioural and mental health challenges receive the assessment, diagnosis, services and support they need.

Your gift will help

Care for country kids and their families

Your donation means we can provide much-needed health and well-being services to country kids. From initial assessment, to ongoing care through our Centre in Manly, telehealth, or in partnerships with local services, your gift means country kids and families will have access to the services and support they need, no matter where they live.

Build capacity in country communities

Thanks to you, we strengthen support for families in rural and remote communities. We do this by working with closely with the community, their health professionals and educators, providing ongoing development and support to them too. Your donation can help country kids get the wrap-around support they need to make a real difference to their lives.

Give voice to the needs of country kids

Your support means we can extend our advocacy work to campaign for equitable access to services and outcomes for all Australian country kids to governments and to the wider public. ​​Together, we can give a voice to the needs of country kids, when and where it is needed the most, so that where they live is not a cause for disadvantage. ​

We’ll keep you updated on your incredible impact, and remember you’re always in control of how you’d like to hear from us.

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