Royal Far West children enjoying the Fast Ferry ride to the city as part of Caring for Country Kids Month
Royal Far West children enjoying the Fast Ferry ride to the city as part of Caring for Country Kids Month
Sailing Sydney’s Harbour to Support Country Kids

My Fast Ferry and Royal Far West have partnered for Caring for Country Kids Month. We’re hoping to raise awareness amongst Sydney’s ferry commuters of the challenges faced by country kids to access specialist healthcare. We want to let residents know about the work we do to support these children here in Manly and in rural communities. Our Business Director Jacqui Emery says, “We’re delighted to partner with My Fast Ferry to launch Caring for Country Kids Month. This partnership brings awareness to the hardships of country life and the work that we do to support country families to access vital heath care”.

Each My Fast Ferry is brightly decked out with Royal Far West banners, posters and flyers.

Here, we outline the challenges faced by country kids and how Royal Far West connects country kids to the care they need and inviting donation support of this very important mission.

Additionally, My Fast Ferry CEO Richard Ford says, “My Fast Ferry are proud to extend their ongoing support of Royal Far West this month. Royal Far West has supported country kids for over 95 years and NRMA has been helping the community for almost 100 years, and there is a natural alignment between the two organisations. We encourage all of our customers to support Royal Far West this month and help contribute to the amazing support they provide kids and their families in country areas.”

One in three children living in rural and remote areas of Australia are unable to access the health support and services they need because of where they live. 

The impact from the drought is compounding the problem, driving the growing need for services, particularly in mental health. Royal Far West’s team of 85 Paediatric specialists at Manly. Specialist services include child Psychologists and Psychiatrists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational therapists, Social Workers, Dental and Orthodontic services. Our team supports each child during week-long stays at Manly, or via our Telecare programs in the children’s schools and homes, or face-to-face in rural communities, however many more children are needing support.

Take a look at My Fast Ferry’s Piers Harding and Royal Far West’s Jacqui Emery discuss Caring for Kids Month: https://youtu.be/aVUA7dFUWCI

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