Corporate partners show their support for country kids

Our partner Adobe created some wonderful occupational therapy tools for country kids during their recent corporate engagement activity.

Over the last year we’ve had the pleasure of hosting numerous corporate engagement events. These events allow us to interact with our amazing partners and show them a little bit more about what we do at Royal Far West, all while creating a real impact for country kids.

Impact is seen in many ways through these events – from cooking a meal for our families on-site, to recreation time with the kids, creating much-needed therapy tools and of course raising vital funds.

A special shout out to our friends over at Adobe who capped off last year with a Fuzzies engagement activity for their entire office to enjoy! They helped create our clients’ favourite therapy tool ‘Fuzzies’, which is a tennis ball re-invented to be used during telecare sessions. These creative creatures encourage kids to engage in play-based therapy sessions and help develop fine and gross motor skills.

Adobe brought a little friendly competition to the event by having 15 teams participate at different times throughout the day. Each team got to show their creativity and we finished off the day with a little bit of friendly competition to see which team had made the most outstanding Fuzzies! All in good fun and for a great cause.

female adobe staff member holding up her finished "fuzzie" occupational therapy toolAdobe staff busy creating "fuzzies" from tennis balls.

Corporate engagement activities are an amazing way for our partners to create a deeper connection to our cause, while also offering a fun and interactive way for team building. Thank you to Adobe and all our partners who made all of last year’s events such a success!