Corporate engagement – a year in review
How the Findex Community Fund is supporting Royal Far West

Employees are found to be some of the most trusted ‘influencers’ in how organisations are perceived. This is an exceedingly important element of employer brand as many more employees search for employment that is both meaningful to them and aligns with their personal values. Charity alignment provides an organisation the ability to convey company values externally while differentiating itself to both employees and community.

Bringing this to life is Findex Accounting via the Findex Community Fund, which earlier in 2020 signed on for another year of supporting Royal Far West and our mission. Throughout the year, we have various touchpoints combining varied methods of support. Activities have included hosting a Christmas Party for our families when they visit our Manly home-away-from-home, furthering their financial contribution by engaging the network of Findex staff through workplace giving, spreading the word through workplace talks from our highly skilled team, and, more recently, the Findex regional office staff used their volunteer time to get together to handmake our ThinkFeelDo bears for kids in bushfire affected regions, which were a great hit with the children and our social workers! Designed to bring a sense of safety to country children facing tough times, our bushfire response team reported there was no child who went without a bear on their recent visit to one south coast community.

Danielle Maxwell, Director of Findex Community Fund says, “It’s engaging with charities that align to our vision to create equal access to health, education and entrepreneurship; while also resonating with our people and clients within our diverse regional footprint, that has created a special bond. Royal Far West has shown adaptability and resilience during the pandemic, and we found new ways to engage our people through this partnership which is something that helps maximise our impact through Findex Community Fund.”


If you’re interested in our corporate partnerships program, please reach out to our team at corporate@royalfarwest.org.au

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