Corporate & charity staff engagement: building workforce wellbeing and teams in a virtual world
It’s been decades since the general population has experienced the levels of pressure and stress that we’re experiencing in 2020.

In fact, the Black Dog Institute recently stated that at least 25-33 per cent of the community is now experiencing elevated levels of worry, depression, anger, confusion and anxiety. Stress in the workplace is increasing, with unexpected redundancies, and working from home environments create the new challenge of building virtual teams. Royal Far West has stepped up to the plate with wellbeing and teambuilding initiatives for our corporate partners:

Combining volunteering and fundraising activities for the charitable sector with a supportive approach to employee wellbeing can bring together the values of both employer and employee, allowing for increased impact, virtual team engagement and improved workplace satisfaction.

One of our fun new initiatives is the 30 for 30 Country Kids Challenge, an employee wellbeing program encouraging self-care in the spirit of giving back. Fully supported by the RFW team the 30 for 30 Country Kids Challenge instigates a culture of wellness while learning and championing country kids health.

Employees can individually or as part of a team focus on their mind, body or soul for 30 minutes for 30 days and aim to raise money for country kids along the way. Sign up your company and we will throw in some whole team wellbeing activities too from our talented team. Virtual drumming anyone?

Please reach out to us at corporate@royalfarwest.org.au for information on our 30 for 30 Country Kids Challenge and integrating not-for-profit partnerships and staff wellbeing.


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