Children’s Book Week Stories

Celebrating the Joy of Children's Book Week: Read, Grow, Inspire

Greetings, readers!

During Children’s Book week, the Royal Far West staff are bringing cherished tales to life by engaging in the timeless tradition of reading aloud. With enthusiasm and a touch of nostalgia, they are sharing their favorite children’s books to ignite the imaginations of young listeners.

Take a moment to reflect on the stories that shaped your own childhood, and in the spirit of Children’s Book Week, I turn the question to you: Do you have a favorite story that holds a special place in your heart, one that you love to share?

Happy listening!

Grug and His First Christmas by Ted Prior

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The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland

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In the City I see by Tori-Jay Mordey

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Possum in the House by Kiersten Jensen

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