Your business can help change the life of a Country Kid

We invite you to partner with Royal Far West to change the lives of kids from the bush.

Your business can help us reach our goal to change 30 kids’ lives by June 30.

Mental health is a growing issue for children and young people, and Royal Far West is often the only option for many families in rural and remote communities who need help to support their kids.

Healthy development in the early years of life is vital to provide the building blocks for lifelong health, educational achievement and responsible citizenship.

Over the past year the demand for mental health support in our Paediatric Developmental Program (PDP) in Manly has doubled from one in 10 to one in five children, and we desperately need help to give these children the support they deserve.

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Case Study

Emily’s so much happier

Emily’s dad Peter has cancer. The family lives in a remote part of Australia, so Peter has to travel hundreds of kilometres for treatment. Six-year-old Emily really misses her dad and doesn’t understand why he leaves them. Emily doesn’t like things being changed – it makes her feel cross and upset – and whenever her mum used to ask her to do something differently she’d have a major meltdown, refusing to do what her mum asked. At school she was angry and upset, and her teachers were concerned about her behaviour and her schoolwork.

This little girl wasn’t coping.

Through her local doctor, Emily and her family were referred to our Centre for Country Kids in Manly, where our paediatric specialists and therapists taught Emily how to understand and manage her emotions, and Emily’s parents learnt techniques to support Emily and help her manage her behaviour. Emily’s behaviour improved immediately – it was truly life-changing for the whole family.

Because Royal Far West values the privacy of our clients and their families, we have changed the names of the people in this case study.