On 16 Monday January 2017 we will start the site establishment and early works program for our long-awaited new Centre for Child Health and Learning in Manly.

The new building will be located next to Drummond House on Wentworth Street, and will provide a wonderful environment for our children and families.

The construction period will take around 18 months, and during this time there will be plenty of activity on site, with an increase in noise and construction activity during daytime hours.

We will be constantly monitoring the situation to limit the impact for all involved, and will regularly update you with the building’s progress.

The initial site establishment and early works program, which will continue through until the end of February, will include:
  • Clearing of the Rose Garden for the installation of the site office and sheds
  • Demolition of the Rose Garden and Elsie Hill pergola and fencing
  • Closing a small section of the RFW School playground towards the Wentworth Street side
  • Concrete saw-cutting and excavation to relocate existing services
  • Installation of a site office and sheds on the corner of Wentworth Street
  • Perimeter scaffolding around the Elsie Hill building

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Gencher, Marketing and Communications Manager at Royal Far West, via phone 02 8966 8537, or via email on michaelg@royalfarwest.org.au.