Q. Why is Royal Far West undertaking this project?

Every year thousands of families from rural and remote areas of NSW benefit from the integrated clinical and educational model of health care provided by Royal Far West at Manly – care that is not available to these families locally.

Our medical services building is deteriorating and rapidly reaching the end of its functional life. It requires regular, costly maintenance. The priority and first stage of our concept plan submission is to construct a new, purpose-built health Centre for Child Health & Learning for country kids.

This new building is the first stage in our vision to create an exciting health hub that benefits the whole community.  The building will house:

  • Purpose built clinical consultation rooms

  • Fully integrated School, with clinical observation spaces

  • New Telecare centre

  • Integrated research and evaluation to ensure evidence-based practice

  • Open space and recreational play space

  • Office space to accommodate all RFW staff

  • Volunteer spaces and break out rooms for parents and staff

Q. Will the proposed building overshadow the beach?

No, this building in Wentworth Street will not cast any shadows on the beach.

Q. What community consultation has been undertaken to date?

The RFW team has been having meetings with key stakeholders including representatives from Manly Council, Manly Village Public School, Royal Far West School, Manly Community Centre, Royal Far West staff and adjacent businesses. Their feedback has helped to shape the design.

RFW is committed to continuing engagement with the Manly community, and that’s why held Information Evenings in November 2014,  to provide updates and information over future years as we progress our vision.

Q. Is the Centre for Child Health & Learning building height the same as per the already approved Concept Plan?

Yes, the building is 6 stories and 27.95m high, as per the approved Concept Plan.

Q. How has the design been sympathetic to the existing streetscape?

The award-winning architectural team have applied a design philosophy to create a building for healing, learning and growth that not only integrates the modern building with the heritage neighbouring Drummond House building, but also addresses the street scape.

The design philosophy included looking at all aspects of the external building and included looking at; permeable – natural ventilation, living façade, textures and materials the screening and privacy and perhaps most importantly the Manly experience.

Q. Is RFW undertaking this redevelopment to profit from is landholdings?


Royal Far West is a charitable non-government organisation. Our Manly site is our principal asset. The site has the potential to accommodate the new Centre for Child Health and Learning, with space available for additional development that will generate revenue to support and sustain our core charitable services.

At the same time it provides an opportunity to improve local amenity by renewing our ageing and dated buildings.

Q. Has the proposal considered the impacts of traffic?


A project team of leading consultants has undertaken studies in relation to the following areas: transport; architectural and visual assessment; storm-water management; landscaping; Aboriginal and European heritage; flora and fauna; contamination. The result of these studies will be contained in the final Development Application.

Q. Are there any plans to redevelop the rest of the site?

No, not at this time.

RFW has an approved Concept Plan to develop the rest of the site, however RFW is currently only  developing an integrated hub for health, technology and education services.

Q. What will happen during construction?

We will constantly be monitoring the situation and impact of the redevelopment, and update the community regularly with regards to the building’s progress.

Q. Are there any potential privacy impacts on Manly Village Public School?

The Planning Consent that was approved in April 2013 has strict requirements to ensure the privacy of Manly Village Public School.  Working with our architects and through the appropriate use of cladding and screens we will ensure our Development Application adheres to these requirements.

Q. How long will the construction period take to complete?

 The building is likely to take 18 months to complete, so we would anticipate completion by early 2018.

Q. Will RFW continue to operate the school and medical centre during the redevelopment or & impact on RFW clients?


That’s one of the reasons we have decided to proceed with a staged development program, to ensure we maintain “business as usual” during the development of the new building – the “Centre for Child Health & Learning”.

Q. How will you protect the environment during the construction phase?

An environmental management plan has been written and is available as part of the Development Application.

We will ensure our builders are conscious of the local environment and they maintain clean workplaces, in addition to careful management of construction waste and noise management.

Q. How are you involving the community NOW in the process?

RFW representatives are meeting community stakeholders, Councillors, precinct committees and others to inform them about the redevelopment. We are communicating regularly with the community through face-to-face meetings, email, phone calls and information through our social and digital sits.

Q. How can I keep informed about the project?

You can by visit the website www.royalfarwest.org.au for updates.

Q. What is the total floor space of the new building?

The floor space of the new build is 4,650m2 consisting of:

  • Purpose built clinical consultation rooms

  • Fully integrated School, with clinical observation spaces

  • New Telecare centre

  • Integrated research and evaluation to ensure evidence-based practice

  • Open space and recreational play space

  • Office space to accommodate all RFW staff

  • Volunteer spaces and break out rooms for parents and staff

Q. What can I do to help?

This project is vital to the long-term sustainability of Royal Far West’s charitable services. It is also a unique opportunity to replace an ageing building with a development the community can be proud of, and where we can efficiently deliver our health and education services.  We welcome your input and support.

Q. Who owns that land the currently house the RFW School?

The land that the currently houses the RFW School is made up of number of lots, or parcels of land. Some of this land is owned by the department of education and some is owned by Royal Far West.

Q. Will there be any green space?

The new Centre of Child Health and Learning will make innovative use of the site including both indoor and outdoor play space.  This play space will be both at ground level and also throughout the building.

Initially the outdoor space will include the existing ‘Rose Garden’ adjacent to Drummond House and, in future stages, green space may be expanded to include the land currently occupied by the Royal Far West School.

Q. How many children does Royal Far West provide treatment of each year?

Our clinical programs supported more than 1,300 rural families last year and our dedicated specialist clinical team delivered over 27,000 occasions of service throughout the year.

For my information about the services Royal Far West provides see our website at https://www.royalfarwest.org.au

Q. Are you proposing to expand your service as part of the redevelopment?


Royal Far West is committed to making an outstanding contribution to children with developmental, learning and other health disorders who live in rural and remote areas of Australia and cannot access specialist services locally.

There are many more families in need of our service that we simply cannot accommodate within our existing premises.  Importantly our 2020 vision means we are looking to develop more services that can be delivered remotely through technology – known as “Telehealth” services.

If you have any questions, please contact Royal Far West via email on redevelopment@royalfarwest.org.au   Building updates are also posted on our webpage https://www.royalfarwest.org.au