5 Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy eating plays a critical role in a child’d physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, making good choices is not always an easy task, particularly considering the fast-paced and frenetic lifestyle most of us live. We spoke with one of our expert dietitians to gather five valuable tips aimed at supporting parents in cultivating healthy eating habits for their kids.

1- Plan

Plan your shopping for the week with meals that are achievable for your time frame.  Freeze quality quick meals in the freezer like bolognaise mixtures in family-sized portions or having frozen packages of vegetables on hand.

2- Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast is important for growing children. Children who eat breakfast tend to have higher performance and concentration levels at school, and are more likely to be a healthy weight. On busy mornings, try offering your child a nutritious drink such as a fruit smoothie or yoghurt drink.

3- Plate size

Many of us eat everything on our plate, regardless of the size of the meal, or how hungry we are. If you have the right sized plates, you’re automatically more likely to serve your family the right-sized meals.

4- Eating together

When you sit at a table for meals, you’re more likely to register that you are full. It’s best to keep the TV switched off at mealtimes, so you can properly enjoy each meal as a family.

5- Drink Water

We’ve all heard the message before, and here it is again. Consider water as your child’s regular beverage. Soft drinks and flavoured milks should only be consumed as a treat. Excess sugar can lead to chronic disease and dental problems, and may contribute to behaviour and concentration issues.