Together we can break the cycle of inequity for Australia’s country communities

Sam needed regular therapy sessions, but the nearest speech pathologist was too far away.


When Sam began school, she was unable to speak in sentences. She quickly became withdrawn, didn’t want to go to school and struggled to communicate with her teacher or classmates. The closest help was over 150km away.


Health assessment

Your journey with us begins with a comprehensive screening and assessment in-community, at Manly or via videolink.

Health intervention

Children can access a care plan, therapy and ongoing support and intervention where needed. We offer support in Manly or via videolink through our Telecare programs.

Family support

We offer ongoing therapy, parenting support, care coordination, and capacity building for families and schools via videolink as well as onsite in Manly.

The lives we improve

Case study: Jack
Jack's story

Our partnership with UNICEF is helping to change the lives of children like Jack.

Sienna's story

Sienna struggled to communicate and was unable to express her feelings or what she needed.

Help support kids like Jayden
Jayden's story

Jayden has struggled with social and communication skills, self-esteem and anxiety.

Three ways you can help


Every dollar goes to to support country children. We’re funded by a combination of your donations, investments, government grants and corporate partnerships. Anything you give is enormously appreciated. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.  

Get involved


Sausage sizzles, fun runs, marathon bike rides – anyone can help out with a little imagination and inspiration. Find out how you can get involved.

Get involved


Without volunteers, we couldn’t function. Many volunteers are long-term regulars, others offer their skills for a specific event. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, we’d love to have you!

Get involved

From the frontline

Help support kids like Jayden
16th March 2021
Jayden’s Story
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23rd April 2021
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