Dylan’s Story

Dylan suffered from a severe behavioural disorder. Royal Far West provided the ongoing specialist treatment he needed that wasn’t available in his home town.
When you already live in an isolated place, dealing with a child that needs help can be a really lonely feeling. This is what Janet and Michael Lamont from Coleambally found when they started having problems with their youngest, Dylan.
Janet explains, “At preschool, Dylan was getting into trouble, and other parents were saying ‘he’s such a naughty kid’, without realising that something else was going on.”
The Lamont family found Royal Far West’s inclusive approach and the opportunity to talk to and get support from other parents invaluable.
“You have everyone under one roof. They all talk to each other, really trying to work out what’s best for your child. It’s amazing. Families need more support than just being told your child needs medication.”
“As parents we are reassured we’re doing the right things at home, and when we need support, we’re welcome to talk to the social worker.”
The Lamont family can now enjoy a normal home life, enjoying the things many take for granted – from a simple shopping trip to having a birthday party.